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UK Fast City of Manchester 10K

UK Fast City of Manchester 10K

Etihad Stadium – 7 July 2019

If you’re not a city supporter and you dislike hills, this probably isn’t the race for you!

Woke up on Sunday 7 July bright and early in preparation for one of a few 10k’s booked for the year and off I went to meet my fellow RBR runners at the Etihad.

The morning was warm but jeez as we set off, the arena felt like it was 80 degrees. From that moment on it just got hotter and hotter. I know you can’t help the weather but f*%k me, once we started and I saw the incline in front of me I knew this was going to be tough. One incline after another, with a man at one point breathing heavily down my ear, followed by the bliss of going downhill, at times with the heat I felt like I was crawling up those inclines.  The worst thing was knowing I had to do part of the route again before swooping through gates and up the biggest hill you have ever seen, to make matters worse it was painted blue!!

The marshalls were all friendly and encouraging and on entering the stadium the crowd were applauding the finishers over the line.

The medal at the end was worth the torture and the goody bag was pretty good considering the cost of the race.

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