How do I join?

You can join RbR Club by CLICKING HERE.

What’s the difference between first and second claim clubs?

England Athletics define the rules of competition for athletics clubs generally and running clubs in particular.  Most, but not all, road races in England are run under the England Athletics rules.

Under the rules an athlete may compete for up to two clubs.  One of these is known as the First Claim Club and the other optional club is the Second Claim Club.  Only the athlete’s First Claim Club can pay the athlete’s affiliation fee to England Athletics.

You can only have a Second Claim Club if you are affiliated by your First Claim Club.

If you compete in a race in which your First and Second Claim Clubs are in contention then you must represent your First Claim Club.  If the competition does not offer a team prize then you may compete for either club.

This is most important for the Interclub and Cross Country races where there are team prizes but may affect other events.

England Athletics allow a period of 12 months grace from the date your affiliation lapses in the hope your First Claim Club will renew your affiliation.  After this time they will remove your record from both your First and Second Claim Club’s England Athletics Club Portal.

How do I change clubs?

The change of club process between England Athletics affiliated clubs is an online process. If you are transferring to a club elsewhere in the United Kingdom you will need to complete the paper applications from the respective Home Nations Governing bodies.

Change of club online process

  1. Log in to the myAthletics portal, using your URN (England Athletics registration number) and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the request new password function (Please check your spam/junk folder for this email, if not received within 1 hour).
  2. Once logged in to the myAthletics portal, click on the “Club Transfer” tab found on the left-hand side menu. This will bring up the “First Claim Club Transfers” screen. This will show any ‘In Progress’ or ‘Previous’ club transfers.
  3. To start the change of club application, click on the “Start New Transfer” button.
  4. Enter the name of the new club you want to transfer to in the relevant space and enter any comments you want to send to the club you are wishing to leave. Once both boxes are completed, click the box in the bottom left-hand corner to confirm you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions for the transfer. If you are exempt from payment (U15’s & those returning after 3 years) you will be taken to the transfer complete screen.
  5. Billing Information. Please complete the marked boxes for the address your payment card is registered to and then click the “Review and Pay” button.
  6. Check your details are correct on the next screen and tick the confirmation box in the bottom left-hand of the screen and then click on the “Go to Payment” button to proceed to the next screen.
  7. Select your payment method and enter the requested card details. Once entered click on the “Pay £10.00 now” button and complete your change of club transfer.
  8. A club transfer complete screen will appear giving details of the next stage of the process and contact details for England Athletics. You will be kept informed on the progress of your application by email.
  9. Your transfer request will be sent to club officials at your former club. The club has 28 days to respond to this request.
  10. If this is your first club transfer application in 12 months, once approved by your former club, your transfer will be completed the next day.
  11. If this is your second club transfer within 12 months, your application will go to the Eligibility Committee on the 11th of the month, and will be cleared on the 1st of the next month (subject to competition ban)

Those athletes wishing to compete for a new Club in a discipline for which their First Claim Club does not affiliate can download the Other Discipline application form from the right hand side of this page.

To compete for another club as a Higher Competition Athlete an athlete must complete the Higher Competition Athlete application form and make the appropriate payment, this can be downloaded from the links on the right hand side of the page.

More information regarding Higher Competition Athletes can be found in the UK Athletics Rules for Competition (Rule 21 S3 (4)).


Who are the committee members?

You can view our committee members by clicking here.

What are the club rules?

You can view the club rules by clicking here.

How do I keep my personal details up to date?

There are two steps.

  1. Inform the club’s Membership Secretary of the change by email.
  2. Update your information on the England Athletics Athletes myATHLETICS Portal using your URN as your username.

Q1. What are the benefits of ‘RbR Club Membership Only’ ?
A1. This is the minimum membership to buy RbR Club kit. In non-licensed events such as park runs, the runner can be part of the team with the club name listed in results. Members can decide later to upgrade their RbR Club membership to include UKA / EA registration via the club.

Q2. What are the limitations of ‘RbR Club Membership Only’?
A2. The member is not recognised as ‘First Claim’ for RbR Club when entering licensed events, the member has to pay the full price and will be listed as an ‘Unattached Runner’ or no club name will be quoted for the member in any published list. The member’s position will not be included in any team results.

Q3. What are the benefits of ‘England Athletics Registration’? [For members in Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland go to Q9 & Q10.]
A3. When entering licensed events, by quoting your allocated 7-digit UKA/EA registration number, the member is given a £2 or £3 discount. The member is listed as an RbR Club runner in results and will help form a team depending on the numbers of members and minimum size for a team result. The member can enter club events that are open to EA registered members such as cross country championships and leagues. Logging onto your EA account you will see other discounts available from businesses. Depending on the options chosen on your EA account, you can receive the latest information on running services provided by EA, tickets for international events, etc.

Q4. My membership category is ‘RbR Club Membership Only’ but I want to register with England Athletics. What do I need to do?
A4. If you have not previously been registered with England Athletics, we can immediately register you on receipt of the current EA fee. Send a confirmation e-mail to the club that you wish to become EA registered for RbR Club. Timing is also crucial if you join in the Autumn say, your first registration payment will only last until 31 March next year. Depending on the number of registered events you wish to enter in the next few months, it may be worth waiting until January to obtain 14-15 months of registration i.e. your registration will be carried forward on 1 April, the start of the new year. If you wish to go ahead now, pay the club using your normal payment option otherwise if the member agrees, the club will wait until January to register you.

Q5. What is a 2nd Claim Member?
A5. It relates to England Athletics registration, the member is already registered to run for another registered club.

Q6. I have previously been registered with England Athletics, what do I need to do?
A6. Log on to your EA account that will still exist using and it will gives details of your previous / currents clubs. Select the option ‘Club Transfer’ to start the process of switching 1st claim clubs i.e. your default club for licensed events. There will be a £10 administration fee payable to EA if you have been registered in the last few years. Your previous club may need to approve your release and transfer which is done on-line via your account. Once EA has received your completed transfer request and if necessary the £10 fee, your application will be considered on the 10th day of the month and if successful, you will be transferred to RbR Club on the 1st day of the following month. You can then begin entering events for RbR Club as your 1st claim club.

Q7. I am currently a member of a registered club, when should I apply for a transfer to RbR Club?
A7. It depends on timing and when you wish to enter events for RbR Culub. Later in the year it may be best to wait until after 10 February for a transfer on 1 April. When you are ready to proceed with the transfer, logon to your EA account select ‘Club Transfer’ and follow the instructions. The administration fee of £10 will also be payable to England Athletics otherwise your registration fee paid via your current club will be carried forward to RbR Club so you will only need to pay again after 1 April or when the new year begins.

Q8.I would like to continue to represent my local club where they have a team but occasionally run for RbR Club. Is that possible?
A8. In non-registered events like Parkruns you can select ‘RbR Club’ in your profile and similarly for non-licensed events enter ‘RbR Club’ if it asks for a team or club. In licensed events where your club is not entering a team, you can potentially wear the RbR Club kit although results will list you as running for your local registered club.

Q9. I do not live in England and would prefer to register for RbR Club with my home country (Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland).
A9. Unfortunately RbR Club can only register with one UK nation and it is currently England where our address is registered. We suggest that you contact the relevant Athletics governing body where you are based for options, explaining that you are a member of RbR Club registered with EA. For Wales based runners visit , for Scotland visit and Northern Ireland visit . If you wish to enter championship events you will be required to register with your home nation as an individual but still be able to run for RbR Club in other events. Other benefits for EA members also apply in other home nations.

Q10. If I live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, can I still register with England Athletics? Do I receive the same benefits as England based members?
A10. All UK home nations governing bodies use the same registration system so, with the exception of championship races, you can use your 7-digit registration number to enter UKA licensed events. In a normal road race if the entry form refers to your WA, SA or NIA registration number, your EA allocated number should be acceptable. You should therefore be able to run for RbR Club as an individual and if there are sufficient members, part of a RbR Club team.

Q11. I do not live in the UK and do not have a British passport. What do you suggest is the best option for membership?
A11. Choose membership category ‘RbR Club Membership Only’ as UKA / EA registration is only relevant to UKA based events however if you intend to compete in a number of British events, you can potentially be registered as a foreign athlete and run for the RbR Club team. If you are just running in your home country, you can join as a ‘RbR Club Member Only’, order RbR Club clothing and wear it in events in your country. The easiest payment option is by Paypal in British currency ‘Pound Sterling’.

Q12. I am a British passport holder living outside the UK. Can I register with England Athletics?
A12. If you are going to be visiting the UK for some events, you could also register with EA.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]